Unconventional conjurer of surrealistic soundscapes, illustrator of dreams and nightmares with a distinct style.

Surreal music, subterranian soundscapes. Dormant volcanoes coming to life. Scratches, crackles and human voice put through alchemy of sound. Bass abuse. Church bells conjured out of the sound of breathing. Odd evo/invocative lyrics. Hauntingly disturbing atmospheres, subconscious landscapes.

About mid April 2003 Ovro sat down at her computer armed with a couple of basic wave editors, a cheap malfunctioning mic and her voice, and set out to show she couldn't make music. The result of this endeavour, her debut album Malice in Underland, was released by Some Place Else late 2003. From these minimalistic beginnings - in experience, equipment, approach and soundscapes - has grown an interesting and able sound artist, exploring the ragged edges and murky undercurrents of reality.

Ovro's second studio album, late 2005's dark ambient / cinematic soundscaping / aural pathworking piece Gegendurchgangenzeit, is a critically acclaimed work gaining praise and reports on causing weird, wonderful and scary mental imagery. Her third studio release appeared on the market in late 2006 and is a double EP on one CD, Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea. On this album, Ovro is again creating disturbing, distressing and at times downright scary atmospheres, spiced with her kind of humour and echoing her magico-religious view of the world.

10 months old and already into music!