Organizing Events

For quite some time Ovro and Niko Skorpio had talked about their shared thoughts of what an ideal place to have gigs in would be like. It would be a cosy place, music would be the center of attention (instead of the gigs getting drowned out by alcohol-induced babble) and the line-ups would be interesting and variable. A place where Art mattered, not profit.

As the summer of 2004 approached, these talks got more serious and the search for a spot to call our own began in earnest and soon found, rented & renovated. This place, in the centre of our then hometown Turku, got to be known as Living Room and hosted a series of gigs during 2004-2005. In 2005 we needed to relocate ourselves, as water pipe renovations of the building we were in would have made working there an impossibility. So, we set up our shop (this time literally a shop) slightly off the city centre and named it Ostium.

Although the venues were small, as were the audiences, these events formed the defining moments for the Turku experimental music scene. Many local as well as international artists came to perform, among them Noises of Russia (Rus), Bardoseneticcube (Rus), Anla Courtis (Arg), Company Fuck (Aus), Troum (Ger), Montage (Jpn), Squidraw (Fra/Bos/Fin), Kouhei Matsunaga (Jpn), Ibrahim Terzic (Bos), Koray Tahiroglu (Tky), Fred Arana (Fra), Antoine Verhaverbeke (Fra), Ben Reynolds/Bridget Hayden/Mel Delaney (UK), Oktapi (Sin/Fin), Aeoga, Rulla, Squamata, Cosine Nomine, Ovro, Topias Tiheäsalo, Reptiljan, Silmu, Niko Skorpio, E.coli, Gelsomina, No Xivic, Rene Kita and Hæretici 7o74.

Niko Skorpio + Ovro