Sounds like?

Or, What the Critics Say

"Pure electronic chaos, and almost noise, in the sense of there being just a montage of sound and samples." ... "THIS is what I call electronic! Incredible sounds!" (Heathen Harvest on Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea)

"Fans of Coil should be definitely drawn into this." (Vital Weekly on Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea)

"The music of this Finnish outfit could be filed under ambient or minimal, since what we hear are mostly distant, low-keyed noises and sounds, blend together to create dark and disturbing sceneries. It could be the soundtrack to some modern Asian horror film, or field recordings done inside a strange infernal dimension." (Filth Forge on Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea)

"If you like dark ambient, if you look for music that will scare you and make you want to curl up into a ball in the corner, if you sit on your own and in the dark then buy it." (Judas Kiss on Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea)

Ovro in the woods

"Gegendurchgangenzeit is nonetheless an impressively monomaniac achievement - throughout, cold digital winds and abrasive fragments of sound scour icily imagined tundras." ... "Ovro's music never stops flowing forward, opening up a succession of dark, compelling vistas." (The Wire on Gegendurchgangenzeit)

"A dark, unworldly journey - maybe a space trip but than one that has an uncertain outcome. Everything is sucked into a black hole. Ambient music with a strong twist for the darker undercurrents in life." (Vital Weekly on Gegendurchgangenzeit)

"The seven tracks take me into another dimension, this is how Dark(underwater)ambient should sound like." (van Leeuwen on Gegendurchgangenzeit)

"An ultimate deep listening session for small hours and unexpected juxtapositions of memories." (Imhotep on Gegendurchgangenzeit)

Ovro and the CDs

"It is like listening to the infrastructure of a building, with wires, pipes, walls and joists conspiratorially crepitating to each other. Over this, Ovro whispers barbed threats in a little girl's voice. It is a piece born to live in the intimacy of the headphones, never taking the listener beyond the space between their ears." (The Wire on Live in Placard #7)

"It's like Alice in Wonderland is communicating with aliens that speak in dark crackles and strange hiss. It's not often one comes across such music, implying the originality of it of course." (Phosphor Magazine on Live in Placard #7)

"Malice in Underland is the first release of female musician Ovro and is categorized as "vocal microsound", minimal microsounds of manipulated noises and voices, that take the listener on a bizarre and creepy journey into a realigned reality." (Toronto Industrial Kollektive on Malice in Underland)

Skrop-i-Ovro in Living Room